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Carol Gordon Ekster

Bio: Carol Gordon Ekster was a passionate elementary school teacher for 35 years. Now retired, Carol spends time in writing critique groups, doing yoga, exercising and bike riding, and working on her books. She’s grateful that her writing allows her to continue communicating with children. She is the author of Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce), Boulden Publishing, fall 2008, an Readers' Choice 2012 finalist for Best Children's Book for Single Parents, “The Library Is The Perfect Place”, in the February 2010 LibrarySparks Magazine, and the picture book, Ruth The Sleuth and The Messy Room, which came out in December 2011 on Character Publishing’s debut list. In July 2013 Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room was selected to receive the Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval. A new picture book, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, released January 1, 2015 with Pauline Books and Media, and her first e-book, Hip Hopping Books, came out as part of Schoolwide Inc.'s digital library, May 2015. Another picture book, Ya Know What? is expected out with Clavis Books, December 2016 in Dutch, and the English version to follow in 2017.

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